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 Welcome to Jane's Knitting Kits

I am an avid knitter who enjoys sharing the knowledge and experience I have gathered over 50 years of knitting. I am passionate about sharing useful tips that will enrich your knitting projects by sharing my views on knitting books, designers, shops and expos on my blog. I encourage you to check out my entries and share your knitting experiences, projects and interests. I have created this specially curated site which features knit kits personally selected or designed by me. It’s been great to work with a range of established and new designers, as well as yarn producers and manufacturers to develop my own brand of knit kits. As always, let me know what you think and get in touch with your ideas and designs.


Check Out Great Reviews For The Knitter's Journal: From Swatch to Stash

"The Knitter’s Journal is a fantastic new offering from Jane’s Knitting Kits, and it’s full of useful information, organizational tools, and more! It starts with an elastic strap to hold it closed (seen above), and a spiral binding (seen below) – thoughtful features that add so much functionality!"

 "I loved that it was written for all knitting levels. This is a guide you can grow with. Everyone needs goodies like the needle inventory, swatch and needle gauge."

- Patty Lyon

"It has everything you need to keep your projects organized every step of the way … yep, from swatch to stash. This is also a great tool for keeping track of all those holiday projects and gifts!"

- Petals to Picots

"This is a wonderful resource that you can personalize for your projects, from the very beginning planning stages all the way through to the finishing touches!  The book is full of fun extras..."

- Fiber Flux

"is a great tool for keeping your stash, swatches and design notes in order!"

- Heidi from Hands Occupied

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