The Knitter’s Journal from Swatch to Stash

This was a very special week for me. I was finally able to see the results of the year’s effort when my advance copies of The Knitter’s Journal from Swatch to Stash finally arrived. Creating this book felt somewhat like knitting, in that it involved selecting, designing and “knitting” together my ideas into a final creation.

It was one full year ago I got the idea of designing this book and I began by researching the already published Knitting Handbooks and Journals to find out what was already available. What did I find out, was that some of them were just decorated pages, some of them had some of what I wanted, one of them had many of the things that I wanted, but none had all of what I thought were really essential features of a knitting journal. This led to my decision to work on my own knitting journal. So, what are the things that I believe would be useful for knitters for reference as well as design? Below you can see the table of contents that gives an overview of what I have included.

I wanted the Journal to be a place to display some of my finished projects as well as to be of use in knitting up 6 current projects. To keep track of current projects, I have 6 pages that have sleeves into which you can put your swatch as well as information about each project that you are currently knitting. These are followed by 20 pages of graph paper each to use for keeping notes, jotting down ideas, doing the math that is frequently necessary in knitting for sketching and designing. At the conclusion of the project, you can “erase” the information below each swatch by using a Q-tip and alcohol to eliminate the writing that was done in permanent marker.

I included “MY KNIT HISTORY” pages so that photos of things I have already knit are there to remind me of my past accomplishments.

Because I have bags of unused yarn in my closet that I do not even remember having, I thought that this would be a great place to put samples of my stash. Here I could keep track of what I have by putting a small sample of the yarn along with the name of the yarn company it came from, the color, the dye lot, the yardage and the number of skeins. Perhaps this might keep me from purchasing more yarn, but I doubt it.

When the yarn from a batch is used up, the sample can be removed along with the information making room for more yarn samples.

As you can imagine, just putting the ideas together was quite a task. But then came finding a graphic designer and a printing company that could produce an attractive and sturdy book. This became part of my education and adventure. Finally, last week, the sample books arrived and I will admit this has quite exciting. I think you might agree that this Journal is appealing. At this time, they are on the Pacific Ocean heading for California and soon will be available on our website, around the middle of June. If you are interested, a book can be preordered now and will be shipped to you ASAP in June.


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