Knitted Knockers

I’ve always found that Knitting and Charity seem to be linked for so many of us. The idea that each individual stitch is a tiny prayer put forth by the knitter for the recipient of the item is a common one, and one I’ve always believed in.

Sometimes, a small project is all I’m in the mood for, or all I can carry along with me. This summer, I plan on making Knitted Knockers. I had no idea the amount of women who either don’t have access to or don’t want, or can’t have, or are waiting for reconstruction… the numbers are staggering. On a purely selfish note, I look forward to the inevitable questions strangers ask… or their looks of surprise and confusion when I tell them what I’m knitting. Please visit our new friends at and get involved.

Don’t want to knit a knocker? Don’t worry! Here’s a few other knitting charities that might suit:

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Knots of Love

Leggings for Life

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