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I am very excited because on Sunday we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see a new exhibit that focused the combination of technology and high fashion. I like to go to these kinds of exhibits as they often stimulate the imagination and can help us come up with new ideas for kits or just for fun. If you are within shouting distance or are planning a visit to NYC, this might be a really wonderful addition to your visit. Of course the Met has an extensive “costume” collection but in fact, the Brooklyn Museum has let the Met keep their collection as well as the difficulty on maintaining a fabric collection is quite a challenge and they decided to let the Met do it for them.

It isn’t just the clothing, but the entire way that the things are organized and displayed that make this experience special. 

Many of the outfits combine hand sewn with machine-sewn parts but the really unique part of this exhibition is that the more recent outfits combine 3D printed parts with fabric or magnetic metal with rubberized liquid. Now I will admit that many of the things do not look as if they would be at all comfortable to wear or even make it possible to sit but if you think of these things as art and not as clothing it gives you a different perspective. Many of them were designed by such names as Dior, Chanel and Alexander McQueen whose outfits were shown at the Met to great interest. In fact so many people wanted to see them, that they extended his show. 

Below you can see just a few items from this collection. The selection was so varied and extreme but so very interesting. They had videos along with some of the outfits that were intriguing as well. In some cases, the models had to walk into the outfits and one dress had flying parts that rose up and released pollen like a flower. I am reminded of two books that I own. One is Knitting Art 150 Innovative Works From 18 Contemporary Artists and the other is Art To Wear. Both of these look upon their creations as art and so they are. I hope that this blog stimulates you as it did me. I plan to return for another slower visit.


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    Sorry I was goiong to add this link:

  • LouiseLouise Cote

    There’s a similar exhibit at the MFA in Boston. Watch for it; maybe it wil go to the Met.

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