Sock Yarns

As I have decided to try my hand again at sock knitting and I thought I would share with you some of what I found out about sock yarns. As you probably already know, sock yarns are often combinations of wool and nylon and the nylon is added to improve wear. There are a lot of sock yarns around, as this has become such a popular hobby. It is interesting small project and is so very portable. In addition there are some really great books for this as well a great variety of knitting needles from sets of 4 double pointed needles, sets of 5 double pointed and circular needles so that you can do one at a time or two at a time. Added to this is that you can do toe up or cuff down so there are many choices that one can make.

The yarns can be solid colors which allow you to incorporate fancy stitches to make elaborate designs and the yarns can be variegated with the hues changing as you knit.

But, today I spent some time looking at yarns that are designed for knitting plain socks that look complex. I think that it is truly amazing that these companies can actually dye yarn so that these complex color stripes are part of the yarn. Lets look at some of these and who makes them. As I am a beginner, this satisfies my desire to have my project appear elaborate and yet really be simple.

The first company I discovered was Opal. This is a German company and below you can see some of the socks that are created by using their yarns. Just take a moment and think about how “high tech” this must be.


The next company I discovered was Arne & Carlos. Their yarns are also complex in color combinations and quite wonderful. Just think, you knit a simple sock and it gives the appearance of a really complex pattern. Below I have included just a few of their sock yarns including the one I bought and am working on right now.

Another company that specializes in this kind of sock yarn is Zauberbal.

Some other companies that make this type of yarn are Bolera, Lana Grossa and Meilenweit. Most of these yarns if not all are available on the Internet and can be a bit pricy but the quality is very high and it is a pleasure to knit with it.

If you are looking for these yarns, I would recommend that you go to as they have the most extensive collection of these that I have found. They also often offer reduced prices on them. I would probable go a bit crazy on buying some but not until I have mastered the skills I need to knit one sock.

Everything comes with its own difficulties. It appears to me that one needs to be very careful when using this type of yarn to begin both of the socks at the same place in the yarn or the socks will not match and since some of these yarns have a long repeat, it may take quite a while to get to that same spot. This is where knitting two at a time could be an advantage, as it would keep your socks parallel. However you decide to make socks and whatever yarns you choose, we are very lucky that we have so many choices. Sometimes it almost seems like too many choices. Back to learning how to turn the heel. I think I will try YouTube.

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