The Granny Square Book: Crocheting Ideas, Techniques, And Illustrations

Crocheters seem to be always on the lookout for new and beautiful granny squares. If you are seeking a very attractive and helpful book, The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert has much to offer!  It has 75 patterns clearly written and graphed as well as attractively laid out along with some projects at the end.  Granny squares   are perhaps the most common use of crocheting and we are always looking out for some more and better ones.  So what makes  this book better?  For one, having the book as a spiral format makes it much easier to use, as it will stay open to the page you want while you are crocheting.  The patterns, as you can see from the cover, are quite attractive and look like fun as well.   I am thinking of taking out my bag of scrap yarn and trying some. How about sharing some of you favorite squares with us? Granny Square Book

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