2015 TNNA Winter Trade Show

I just returned last night from Phoenix Arizona and the TNNA Needle Arts Expo where I had a very worthwhile time. Half of it was for needlepoint; the other half was all knitting booths. The first thing in the morning, at 7:30AM, I took a class in the marketing of Knitting Stores with a wonderful woman who is an expert on marketing for yarn shops. This information will be passed on in the yarn shop newsletter to help them with their marketing.

As for us knitters, many of the favorite yarn manufacturers were there and we got to see their yarns and patterns. Because it was not too busy, we got to sit down with them to discuss patterns and yarns. We got interested in the idea of making up our own kits and we will investigate that. Along the way, along with the yarns, I saw a new swift. Now I already have a swift but this one was so beautifully made that I couldn’t resist ordering one and I am now thinking of who to give my present one to.

Naturally, many of the other visitors were wearing things that they had made.   As you can see from the photos, some were quite eye catching.

[caption id="attachment_633" align="aligncenter" width="788"]TNNA Photo1 One of the many fantastic designs created by some of the event participants.[/caption]   I had a similar experience when I go to the Big Apple Knitters Guild as they have a meeting every month that starts with a “fashion show” where members wear their projects for us to see and they are quite impressive. [caption id="attachment_623" align="aligncenter" width="515"]Another fantasic creation from an event participant. Another fantasic creation from an event participant.[/caption] Then we visited Plymouth Yarn booth. This adorable hooded kid’s sweater struck my eye. It is in three colors and looks fairly easy to make and at the same time distinctive. What do you think? Is this a project you would pursue? Let us know your thoughts.

Jelli Beenz Plymouth Yarn Pattern

Along with the tools and yarn, I came upon one book publisher, XRX books. I have some of them but in their booth was a collection of the most beautiful knitted and embroidered sweaters I think I have ever seen. Of course, as it turned out, they were there to promote their upcoming book by Anna Zilboorg called Splendid Apparel. You might know of her form past books like Socks for Sandals and Clogs. The sweaters were beautiful and beyond description but, I am afraid, also beyond the ability of most knitters to do. I met some very interesting people including Jeanne Carver of Imperial Yarn. She is from Oregon and was telling me about her years with raising sheep and how much care they take with their yarn. Then I stopped at Sweet Georgia Yarns because I was attracted by the very cute and beautiful baby clothing kits that they are promoting.   This booth contrasts with the Koigu yarns with their striking variegated yarns that are used in one of my favorite books, Knits from a Painter’s Palette. Fore more on the TNNA conference, Check out the video below. [embed]http://youtu.be/oxLZ4aU31qE[/embed]


  • Sharron Molder

    i would love to buy the pattern for the three colors hooded kids sweater.

  • Jane's Designer Yarn Patterns

    I don’t know off hand. Ja

  • Jane's Designer Yarn Patterns

    I hope you will share a picture if it when you finish. Jane

  • Robin Bunch

    I just bought the pattern and the yarn for the children’s hooded sweater. I just love it. The yarn is nice and bright.

  • Emily

    Do you know where I might find the shawl worked in two colors with the lace work? Thanks

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