Vogue Knitting Live 2015

Vogue Knitting Live January 16-18, 2015 - Marriott Grand Marquis, New York City

Vogue Knitting Magazine holds these annual events in cities across America. This three-day festival of fun, fashion and fiber includes lectures, runway shows, classes, yarn tastings, book signings and the famous two-floor marketplace. I am so lucky to live in New York and be able to take advantage of events like this in my backyard.

Last Sunday, despite the pouring rain, I went down to the Marriott Marquis and bought a marketplace ticket which allows you to browse the marketplace and artist’s installations, all day if you like!

Just as I got off the escalator on the 5th floor, I was greeted by samples from Vogue Knitting’s Fall 2014 issue. This beautiful funnel-neck pull-over by Norah Gaughan immediately caught my eye. The sweater is knitted in Pure Merino Wool (one of my favorites) and the flattering cable design looks so fun to knit.

[caption id="attachment_648" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Gaughan sweater knitted in pure merino wool The sweater is knitted in Pure Merino Wool[/caption]

There were SO MANY incredible knitters and fiber artists at this show. I love the idea of artists using needles and yarn as their medium. Some had installations just outside the marketplace. I loved this knitted teepee by German Artist Ute Lemmark- I wish there had been a sign-up sheet to spend the night inside.

[caption id="attachment_650" align="aligncenter" width="684"]Knitted Teepee by Ute Lemmark knitted teepee by German Artist Ute Lemmark[/caption]  

Some artists had installations in the “Art Gallery” on the 6th floor. This refrigerator full of knitted food made me smile. The artist, Madame Tricot was present, knitting away and chatting with fellow knitters.


Knitted Food vogue live 2015  

I had already been inspired. My fingers were itching to knit and I hadn’t even set foot inside the Marketplace. Once inside, I had to take a breath. I had to remind myself that I had a budget. Oh, I blew my budget, but more about that later…

What was most impressive to me was the range of vendors at the Marketplace: Farms, mills, hand-dyers, hand-spinners, shops, importers, artists and entrepreneurs. Would I have the time and energy to visit every booth? Of course not, but I would have a lot of fun trying.

Followers of my blog know I love unique fibers. My first stop was Springtide Farm, from Bremen, ME.    I got to run my hands over Qiviut (musk ox) lace yarn and Cashmere yarn from their own flock of Cashmere Goats, raised on the rugged coast of Maine. I had a fascinating conversation about why Qiviot domestication has really only been successful in Alaska (it has to do with the nomadic nature of the animal and parasites). I decided to buy this GORGEOUS CASHMERE YARN for a pair of super-warm hats.

Cashmere Yarn Vogue Live 2015

My next stop was for some EYE CANDY at Dusty’s Vintage Buttons. I bought some beautiful little buttons that will be featured in an upcoming Valentine’s Day Project.

Dusty’s Vintage Buttons, Jane's Designer Yarn Patterns

One of my favorite booths was Catskill Merino Sheep Farm. The amazing women I met there were so generous with their time. They told me how they tend the sheep, send the wool to a spinnery in Vermont, bring it back un-dyed and then use all-natural dyes to create a stunning palette. I have a new child’s sweater design in my head and bought some of their super-soft wool to compliment my design.

Here’s a photo of my bag as I left the Marketplace. In addition to those I mentioned, other vendors who helped me bust my budget were:

I’m going to have a very busy Winter!

Yarn for knitting projects, Jane's Designer Yarn Patterns Overall, this was a very worthwhile visit. In addition to bulking up my stash, I met new friends and made a lot of new discoveries. Stay tuned to my blog for some fun upcoming gadget reviews and some new projects inspired by this event.

Please comment if you attended this event and let me know about your favorite class or marketplace vendor.


  • Jane's Designer Yarn Patterns

    I am sure you will have a good time. I know that you find some things to buy.

  • Vicki

    I will be volunteering at Vogue Knitting Live in April, in Pasadena, which is practically in my backyard. I’ve never attended a knitting event, and hope it will be fun. Sounds like I’ll need to have a budget.

  • Jane's Designer Yarn Patterns

    I am writing about the knitting bags and I also have the habit of buying yarns that I see. I keep promising myself that I will use up most of my stash before I buy more but that apparently does not work too well. Keep in touch!

  • Harriet Kline

    My problem with buying yarns at various shows is – once I get around to using them, I have forgotten what it was I thought i wanted to knit! So trying to bag the yarns with a pattern, so there is a reminder. But, I guess that is how a stash is built!

    Love your new blog! Look forward to more entries.

  • Jane's Designer Yarn Patterns

    Thanks Pauline,

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