Knitting Way Back When

Our office, or perhaps I should say cubical, is right next to the cubical of a women named Lydia, who works in finance. Lydia is a lovely and friendly woman. And, as it turns out, she has been overhearing our discussions about yarn and patterns and she is a knitter as well. So, of course we bonded and yesterday she brought in a case which contained a set of knitting needles and assorted supplies from World War Two. As you can see, two of the needles were used more than the rest. Along with the needles, she had an old row counter which reminded me of the kind that I had many years ago. There was also a needle gauge and various other things. Remarkably, she had kept some old patterns that were clearly used to knit things for the soldiers and told me that any excess yarn was to be returned. One pattern was for a scarf and another was for a nurse’s vest. Not only was the scarf pattern there but it included just how to fold and wrap it for sending it to soldiers. The knitter was instructed to fold it five times for shipping overseas. For an avid knitter like myself, this was a special experience and a rare treat.

Knitting Gauge from World War II Knitting Supplies from World War II Knitting Instructions from World War II

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