Work in Progress #3 - Update

When I left off, I was working on the body of the wrap in entralac and finally got that finished and began on the side lacy trims. I have made this before but it was a while ago and I made some mistakes which ended up requiring me to take our quite a bit of work. Each row of the side lace starts on 376 stitches so taking out 5 rows is not a happy thing. There are 10 rows of this and then a dropping of each third stitch to create this lacy stitch. This is based on the Barbara Walker Cobweb Frill found in the Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Today I looked it up and there it was but with no photo of it.

So, as you can see, I have finished the middle triangle, one of the sides and am almost finished the second side so then there will be only the attaching and blocking to do. I think this is my fourth one of these and I don’t think I will do it again.

Finishing this will allow me to begin designing the baby hat and It will be a pleasure to work on a less time intensive project.

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