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All knitters have their favorite needles –I have discussed this in detail in my blog knitting needles. But recently, I got to thinking of all the different ways of keeping and storing your needles.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they store their needles. I like to keep my needles tucked away in special holders. Straight needles with straight needles, circular needles in special envelopes, according to size. Very tidy, organized, and accessible when I need them.

However, my favorite LYS keeps their communal needles in a great big decoupaged coffee tin. If you want to knit a swatch in the store you have to dig around to find two needles that match (or are at least the same size). It’s not organized, but it is fun and creative and often gets a conversation started as others pitch in to help you find a needle!

I started casting about to different blogs to see what other creative solutions fellow knitters have devised:

Look at this great idea from Karen's blog.

She used PVC pipe to make a traveling needle holder. Clever, crafty and thrifty!

needle storage 1

While we’re on the theme of pipes: A vintage pipe holder is repurposed to hold DPN’s. For more on that click here. needle storage 2   Here is a smart and affordable solution to circular needle storage. A binder and zippered pencil cases! needle storage 3  

Aside from storing your needles, there is also the problem of keeping track of your needles so you don’t buy multiples of the same size. I own at least four US size 9 circular 24” Addi Turbos. (Of course I can justify it by having multiple projects going at once!) Before the days of smart phones, I carried my LYS’ business card in my wallet, on the back of that card was a tiny chart where I could check off the needles I owned.   Here is a great version I found online if you want one to carry in your knitting bag or purse. It’s larger than a business card, it’s pamphlet sized, but has the added benefit of tracking single, double, and circular needles as well as crochet hooks.

Ravelry has a great online chart in the “my notebook” section. As you can see, I haven’t filled it out yet. I’m waiting for a rainy day, I guess.

needle stroage 4

Let me hear from you, fellow knitters—How do you store your needles? What creative solutions have you devised to track your needles? I look forward to hearing from you.

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