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I just finished knitting a shawl and I can’t tell you how many times I found myself chasing the ball of yarn on the floor as it rolled under the bed, across the floor and got caught on my foot. So I have decided to get a yarn bowl. Of course I could just take a bowl off a shelf and put the yarn into it but there are a few advantages to having a yarn bowl as, if correctly designed, it will have a slot for feeding the yarn and perhaps two holes for putting the knitting needles into. Besides, I admit that I like to have decorative items that serve a knitting purpose.

I require that the bowl be quite stable as well, as I do not want it to tip over as I pull the yarn. I look for a bowl that will not snag the yarn on the edge too. It must also be able to hold “enough” yarn as the yarn must move freely within the bowl for it to be useful. Therefore, size is important and it is often difficult to tell from a picture just how big it is. Many pictures include the ball of yarn but suppose I am using super chunky yarn. Will this bowl work for me?

It seems that the two most popular materials for these bowls are ceramic and wood with ceramic being, by far, the most common and least costly.

The bowl below has all of the things that I really like in a yarn bowl. It has a good slot for the yarn and it has holes that can be used for placing the knitting needles as well. I think this is a real plus and it has a simple top edge which will not “catch” the yarn as it is pulled. There are many of like yarn bowls available on Etsy but I have not yet decided which one I want.

blue yarn bowl, jane's designer yarn patterns

Etsy has many fewer wooden yarn bowls and they are usually noticeably more expensive but have many of the design elements I am looking for. [caption id="attachment_867" align="aligncenter" width="633"]wooden yarn bowl, jane's designer yarn patterns This is the one I am considering[/caption]

Lastly, I found someone who is making felted yarn bowls. They are really unusual and quite beautiful but are sometimes missing a way of feeding the yarn out of it.

felted yarn bowls, jane's designer yarn patternsBelow is one with a grommet for the yarn and both of these are quite beautiful. They are by ZanieCraftsFeltedArt and are tempting, but how many yarn bowls do I really want? Don’t answer that question.  

 grommet for the yarn, jane's designer yarn patterns

Below is the final ultimate felted yarn bowl with the price to match.

felted yarn bowl, jane's designer yarn patterns


  • Teresa Sharp

    I have a pretty ceramic yarn bowl with a curved notch for the yarn to go through. I love it and use it all the time. I never thought of felting one for myself but I think that may be my next project.

  • B L Hamblen

    Since today is Earth Day I will share what I use instead of a bowl… An Empty Kleenex Box… Decorative and Useful.

  • ZanieCrafts

    Hi Jane,

    Thank you so much for your complements on my felted yarn bowl with the handle. It’s sole purpose is to give the knitter freedom to take their knitting out of the house with this ‘mobile yarn bowl’. The other vessels, including the impressionist garden art piece, that I make are not recommended to be used for this purpose. Happy knitting to you.
    Kind Regards,
    Suzanne from ZanieCrafts

  • Jane's Designer Yarn Patterns

    I am not into felting yet but I just have questions about how well the yarn will slide in felt. Let me knot. Janae

  • Jane's Designer Yarn Patterns

    Very creative. I am thinking of using a soup bowl.

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