Why Knit Kits?

In the many years that I have been knitting, I have often visited yarn shops and have sometimes found a knit kit that some talented person has put together for purchase. It has been my pleasure to buy that kit and take it home and make the item. One of the advantages of the knit kit is that the pattern, yarn and often the notions are already assembled for me saving time and energy.

This experience has led me to design and knit up and put together my own knit kits. I have had the pleasure in selecting yarn and designing patterns that are particularly attractive and putting them onto my own curated site for you to purchase. Let me share with you one of the experiences this entailed. Last week and once this week I went “button" shopping. I happen to live in New York City and, believe it or not, there is one particular area of the city in which you can shop for trimmings, ribbons, zippers and buttons. Most of these stores are within a five-block neighborhood in the garment center area of New York. I can tell you that going into these places and looking at all of the huge selection of buttons made me feel like a kid in a candy store. Last week I was looking for special buttons to include in our two baby sweaters in order to give them a really special look. These buttons will be included in with the kits so that the finished sweaters look exactly like the ones shown on our site.

DSC_0411 3

DSC_0450 2

This week was spent looking for decorative buttons that will be used to sew onto our summer bag to give it a really “special “ look. It is often happens that one little touch can change an item from ordinary to distinctive.

Thanks to the hard work of my staff, we have assembled a number of knit kits that range from purses, to baby sweaters, to cashmere scarves and baby hats. We are working hard to  do new kits and as soon as they are available, they will appear on our site for sale. What makes our kits unique is that we are committed to having only individually selected kits on our site and are looking forward to hearing your responses to them. I am thrilled to introduce our first kit to you in the video below!


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