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I am making a real attempt to learn new things a few times a year. I have already mastered the magic loop and am almost ready to get rid of most of my double pointed needles. Now I have decided to attempt my first socks. I went to my personal library and found that I have accumulated 14 books on socks. This is from someone who has never knit a sock but loves to buy books for my collection. I think of them as “art” books, as they are often so beautiful as well as interesting. So, to begin with, I took down Teach Yourself Visually Sock Knitting.

socks 1

In the next blogs I hope to share with you my experiences, my difficulties, my failures and frustrations and, I hope, my satisfactions with learning something new and improving my repertoire of knitting skills. I remember that, at the Big Apple Knitting Guild meeting, I met a woman who only knits socks and does one pair each month. They were quite impressive. I will also share with you some of my other sock books and I hope to dive into a few when I get better at this new skill.

To begin, I went into my knitting stash and found a variegated yarn by Lorna’s Lace that I will be using. Next I got out my Addi click needles and I am ready to begin. First I will make a swatch and then measure my foot.

I already have had to rip out my knitting and begin again on smaller needles. Then back to my library where I found what looks like an excellent reference book on socks called The Sock Knitter’s Handbook by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrot. I just began looking at it and am really happy to discover that it is in a spiral format which I love. This allows me to keep it open to the page I need whereas the former book does not.

socks 2

Again I am ready to begin and I realise that, in spite of having so many needles including sets of cable needles, they cannot be used as the smallest size needles in the sets is 4 and that is too large. So, I went online and ordered some smaller cable needles with the cables attached. While waiting for them to arrive, I began knitting a swatch. I confess that, in the past, I often did not do this but I have been convinced that this is important and , as I have some time until the new needles arrive, I have begun my swatch according to instructions that I just got.

socks 3 The first thing I have found out is that I have to decide whether I want to make top down or toe up socks. Stay posted for details on how this project evolves! And as always, Happy Knitting!

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