I was at a meeting of the Big Apple Knitter’s Guild recently and one of the members held up a “Knitter’s Journal.” As many knitting items as I already have, I do not have one of these and had never seen one. So, on Monday I got to my office and found a copy of this journal on line and ordered one. As is often the case, it had not occurred to me that I might want a journal until I saw one. The journal came and in my usual way, I looked it over and thought about the journal in terms of what I liked about it and what I thought I would change.   This led me to investigate the “world” of knitting journals. I grant you this is a small world but interesting none the less. On Amazon I found fewer than 20 knitting journals and in looking them over I discovered that they fell into three categories. The first was journals that were more like notebooks meaning they were   simply bound   lined paper, blank paper and graph paper and nothing else.   This was, in fact, the largest group and some buyers expressed dissatisfaction on getting paper, which they could just have easily bought anywhere. The only difference was that it had a pretty picture on the cover. The next group was one of printed pages on which you could write the information about your project and notes or photos. This would suffice if you simply wanted to keep a record of your knitting.   This is more of a diary and there were about 5 of them.

The last group combines ways of recording your knitting projects along with very useful information in a handy sized format that you can take along with you when shopping for yarn or have on hand in your knitting bag for quick reference. There are only 3 that fall into this group and I decided to look at them carefully because I got the idea that I would like to make up a Complete Knitting Journal. By that I mean both a way of writing notes about projects, keeping track of current projects, and having special pages for tracking my stash.

I started out by getting a blank journal and my creative juices started flowing as I thought about what are the things that I want in a knitting journal that both allow me to design, make notes, keep track of my projects and give me a quick reference guide that I can keep with me. So, that is what I have been doing with the computer, scissors, glue and Wite Out. I have spent quite a bit of time researching what things would be useful to fellow knitters in a journal and, among many other things, will be a brag page where you can put photos of your finished projects. I am not ready to reveal all of the special elements in this book but, for your knit designers out there, you will find three types of graph paper available for you to copy and use to do designing.   As you may know, knitted stitches are not square but, when done, form rectangles. Therefore, when doing a design, if you graph on square graph paper, the actual design, when knitted, will be distorted. I am putting special knitters graph paper in the book so that there will not be distortions in your designs. These are just a few of the elements that I am including. Are there any things that you want? This would be the perfect time to let me know as I still have time to change things. Frankly, this is both creative fun and hard work, I am now seeking a graphic designer and will begin interviews next week. Wish me well and the next step will be printer.

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  • Alex Johnstone

    This sounds really exciting. I found knitting journals last year but still end up using a pretty note book as they just direct you their way and not enough room for using your own imagination . Look forward to yours being printed and good luck.

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