Fancy Feet

One of the truly talented knitting designers of intricate patterns is Anna Zilboorg. In 1994 she came out with a beautiful book called Traditional Knitting Patterns of Turkey – Fancy Feet.

Using the stimulus of Turkish rug patterns, she designed these lovely socks and created this stunning book. The basic design of these socks is a little different from what we knit now but the patterns on the socks are quite wonderful and one could well use these to make mittens, scarves, sweaters and hats. In fact it made me want to go out and look at Turkish rugs and design my own patterns. These socks are clearly not for the novice knitter but anyone used to doing fair isle knitting should have no trouble doing this.

On the other hand, some of the new colors introduce new ways of using Turkish designs and adapting them and make for very different and exciting new looks. Interestingly, on our trip to Turkey a few years ago we, of course, bought a rug and, when I look at it, it does not have a typical Turkish look. It almost looks native American.

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