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9/11 has come around again and we are reminded of that terrible day.

If you live long enough your life intersects with some historic events and you will remember where you were and what you were doing on that day. I am sure that those who lived at the time of the assassination of Lincoln had the same experience. I well remember the day that Kennedy was killed and where I was and what I was doing.

These negative historic events give us that feeling that we are living through history. So I will share with you my 9/11 experience. At that time I was teaching kindergarten in Staten Island, which, for those of you who do not know, is a part of New York City and, in fact, part of it faces directly across from the Battery and is connected to it by ferry. I was on a break and in the teacher’s room and the TV was on and I saw the first plane crash and then the second. It had a very unreal feeling about it perhaps from the many “disaster” movies that one sees. But shortly thereafter, parents began coming by and taking their children home. Staten Island also is the “bedroom” community for many of the police and firefighters and, in the months and years following that day, the echoes and could still be felt there. As you drive around, the names of the streets are often accompanied by the names of those who passed away that day.

This event lead to the war that we engaged in, and has left us with injured men and women who have served our country and bear long term effects from their service.

This might be the time when we could show our concern by knitting a hat for one of them. If you are interested, please email us, and we will send you a free hat pattern for you to knit.

The pattern is a beginner pattern, written for 2 different gauges, (2 sts per inch for super bulky yarn, and 4 sts per inch for worsted weight yarn). The hat is has a rolled brim, is knitted flat and sewn up the side-no switching to dpns-just one set of needles needed.

Here are 2 organizations where you can learn more about donating knitted goods to US Veterans:

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