New knitting kits – perfect for quick gifts, or beginners!

For those out there who, like myself, love to knit and like to get ahead of the holiday season, I am starting to think about which projects I will knit this year for holiday gifts.

Having just finished a scarf on size 2 needles that seemed to take me forever, I am especially fond of projects that can get finished in a weekend with time to spare. I just finished putting together two beginning knitting kits that are easy, quick to complete, and produce items that are quite nice. When designing these kits, I thought back to when I began knitting and how anxious I was to have a completed product that would give me the gratification of having finished a project!

The first kit is called “Gray Skies No More” was designed with children in mind, and would make a perfect gift for a child who is a beginning knitter, or even one who has already learned to knit but has not yet made a project. This knit actually makes three quick items, a headband with decorative buttons on it, a purse and a “sleep mask”. These are done in garter stitch on number 10 needles so, if you knit, you know how quickly this will go. Included in the kit are the yarn, the buttons and the circular needle. We chose a circular needle, as the knitter does not have to worry about dropping a needle. As for instructions, we are enclosing personally selected links to you tube videos, so that they can be viewed and reviewed as needed, on how to do the three basic skills needed to make these items.


1. How to cast on: cast-on slow version

2. The knit stitch: knit stitch slow version

3. How to bind off: bind-off

If you look up our website, you can see the kit and a YouTube about this kit staring Maya, a six year old who knit this kit by herself.

The second kit is for a teenager or an adult and makes a headband and a pair of fingerless mitts. This kit includes the yarn, number 15 needles, and the buttons you need to give it a polished look. I can report to you that this project was done over a weekend with a lot of time left over for other things.

I hope that you will look these kits up and spread the knitting habit to others!

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