Arctic Chic

I believe I mentioned that I have been working over the last five years on my project to knit one thing each for the important people in my life. This weekend I got a call from a close friend of mine for whom I made a sweater jacket a few years ago. She told me of how she was wearing it almost daily and how many compliments she got. I must admit that I do get a special thrill out of hearing reported back to me that these gifts are really appreciated.

Arctic Chic Headband and Mitts

Therefore, just in time for the coming winter, we have gotten ready by designing an ear warmer and matching fingerless mitts out of one of our favorite yarns. This wool yarn is soft both in feeling and color and it is knit on size 15 needles so it goes very, very quickly. If you are looking to make a gift for yourself or someone else, this will fill the bill and whenever someone wears them I hope that they will think of you and how your knitting is keeping their ears and hands warm.

Along with the pattern and the yarn, we included a strip of stretchable fake fur in the middle of the headband and around the gloves. Let me share with you how we discovered this wonderful product. As I may have told you, we are located in New York City and not too far away are the fashion district. You may have seen some photographs we have shared with you as we shop for “just the right” buttons and purse handles that we can find between 39 and 36 street on the west side of Manhattan. I admit it really is fun to go to these stores and discover the almost infinite variety of “findings” available from metal chains, to feathers. One of our favorite places is a store called Mokuba that specializes in ribbons from Japan.

I would like to buy a piece of each ribbon but, since there are thousands of choices, that is out of the question.

Along with the ribbon we discovered that they have fake fur in a variety of colors as you can see, and a few of these are stretchable fake fur. This is ideal for our project. When we add it to the knitting kits, it both enhances the project and works well with the stretchable knitting. I only wish you could feel this product and visit this store with me. I am including photos of the store and some of the ribbons so that you can share with me the pleasure of this excursion.

Visit our site and look for the kit called Arctic Chic. This would make a dandy gift for a novice knitter, giving them a lovely item along with the satisfaction of finishing the kit in just one weekend.

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