Books for Knitters

For those of you out there who are searching for a really special gift for someone who knits, and would like some suggestions, why not get them a book?

I am an avid collector of knitting books, I already have about 350, and I keep buying… I searched my bookshelf for three books that are either unique, informational, or inspirational to recommend for anyone who knits.

The first is a beautiful book that only came out last year. It is for the experienced knitter who wants to expand their skills and learn designs that make for unique and especially beautiful knits. It is from Anna Zilboorg who has published many books, such as: Magnificent Mittens and Socks. Her newest book is called Splendid Apparel, and would make a special addition to any knitting book collection and, even if one did not in fact use her designs, one could be inspired to use some of the embroidery techniques that are shown in this book.

The second book suggestion of one of my favorites. The Knit Stitch Inspiration and Instruction is by Sally Melville, and what makes this such a good selection is that it uses only the knit stitch and yet allows you to make a variety of very attractive and easy objects such as coats, legwarmers, and hats. It is the perfect demonstration of how, using only the simplest of stitches, you can create really attractive and quick things. My personal favorite is the Einstein Coat that can be adapted for a man’s sweater, a boy’s sweater or a full woman’s coat. Not only that, using the stitches in different directions, it gives the design a great look. It also has a really great poncho that will be quite easy to knit for a gift or for yourself. For the beginner and intermediate knitter, what could be better that this book?

Lastly, I am including a book that I bought very recently. It seems that no matter how many stitches and designs that are created by knitters, someone always comes out with something new and special. In this case the book is called Curls by Hunter Hammersen. This collection of wraps is based upon the shape of spiral, which when lying flat, reminds one of the distinct shape of Cape Cod. This unusual and beautiful book is quite ingenious and not only allows one to use her designs, but is written so that you can design your own wrap using her descriptions of how to adapt a stitch in order to turn it into the “curl.” Again, this book is for the experienced knitter, especially ones who like lace knitting. I hope that this will help you to consider giving your favorite knitter or better yet, yourself a book this year as a gift.

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