Vogue Knitting

This past weekend, I went to Vogue Knitting Live in Manhattan, along with so many knitters that there was barely room to move! This has become a very popular annual event, and I met many knitters from all around the country and the world.

My motivation in going was to find some special yarns that would enhance our kits. And, I am happy to report that, after about 5 hours of walking and talking to these wonderful people, I was able to make contact with many of them and will spend the next few weeks gathering further information about their yarns.

I really like the idea of dealing with small yarn producers and encouraging them in their production of smaller batches of yarn. In fact, one of these companies told me that they could produce a yarn especially for us! It was a bit like being in a wonderful candy store with so many beautiful and creative yarns that just touching them and allowing my eyes and fingers to travel over the selections was a joy. 

In addition to the yarn, there was a selection of unique knitting projects by fiber artists that were on display to inspire and admire. Nicky Epstein was there with her book of and examples of knitting doll clothing. Then there were the felted animals and gnomes. I also met the designer Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. She is a unique, creative designer who specializes in patterns that have “holes” in them and, combined with the lovely yarns, are unusually both interesting and lovely. I hope to pursue our relationship further and get an interview with her for our blog.

All around the lobbies were tables of yarn in yarn bowls with needles so that you could try out different yarns along with tables of people learning new skills.

Did I buy anything? Of course! I saw an accessory that I bought for my sock-knitting project. It is designed to hold the needles when you are not knitting so that they will not let the stitches fall off the needles. People are always thinking of something new.

As you can imagine, after so much time, I was happy to go home with my bag full of contacts and pictures of the yarns that I saw there. Now, here I am back at my office and looking over and remembering what I saw.

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