Valentines Day

If you have been reading my blog over the past year, you know I love thinking about how to celebrate holidays by knitting something special. Valentine’s Day is no different. Last year, I made these adorable sachets and they were such a big success, I wondered if I should make them again. But when I got through combing my Pinterest page, I decided I wanted to try some heart-shaped pincushions this year.

I started by raiding my stash for red, pink and white yarns. I quickly found plenty to work with; and these hearts, each about 4-5” across, came together very quickly.

I improvised my own heart pattern, but there are plenty of very good free patterns for hearts available all over the internet. I have found two for you: here and here. I knew I wanted a fabric back for my pincushions so I dug up some coordinating fabrics (from a different stash!) and stitched it together quickly on my machine, although it wouldn’t take much time to do it by hand. I used a pinwale corduroy print for the red heart, a sweet bird-themed print for the white heart and some orchid colored lambskin for the pink heart!

The next step was stuffing them. I used some synthetic fiber-fill because I already have a big bag of it in my apartment. I suppose you can use anything that’s soft and fluffy – I’m sure there are some more eco-friendly choices. If you know of some, please let me know.

I really enjoyed this step because the hearts started looking much cuter as they plumped up.

Then, I hand-sewed the last little opening together to make the cushions. Here’s what they looked like at this stage:



The pincushions were ready and the whole project (making 3 of them) took me a total of about 6 hours, start to finish. Of course I wasn’t quite done, I decided to embellish the white one, and make it a hanging ornament, using some ribbon and buttons from my stash, in case one of my Valentines wanted to hang it as a decoration. Of course, you could stuff these with potpourri or use my sachet recipe to make some lovely sachets. I also thought of sewing a stone into the pink one, with the leather bottom, and making a paperweight. There is really no limit to the possibilities, you can customize these as much, or as little as you like!

I hope you are inspired to make some hearts of your own and please let me know how they turn out, and how your lucky Valentines received them!

Happy Valentines Day!

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