Short Row Knitting

Although I consider myself a “pretty good” knitter, there are still many things that I do not know how to do. As I already mentioned, I am working on learning how to knit socks and I haven’t given up but I became interested in learning how to do “short rows”. This technique is quite useful when incorporating curves into your pattern. The effects of using this in scarves, sweaters etc. can have a dramatic and wonderful result.

This led me to deciding to do a spiral scarf. This would allow me to learn this new technique and to produce an ingenious scarf that would look great and, once I mastered it, would make a lovely scarf for spring. It looked as if this would not be too hard but would look impressive. It I like it, this would make a good gift but would not take too much time. I like to give hand made gifts, as I believe that the person who gets them usually appreciates them.

When I was at Vogue Knitting, I met the people from Artfil yarns who had come from Canada. We did not have much time to talk but I arranged to contact them when things quieted down and, since then, we have been discussing their yarns and they kindly gave me a small sample which I am using to both practice and to evaluate the yarn. Below you see a sample of the small swatch on which I was practicing short rows and trying out garter and stockinette and taking a good look at the yarn. As it turned out, the yarn knits up beautifully. It is a pleasure to work with and has great stitch definitions.

Well, I went to YouTubes and found a video to teach me the two techniques needed to do the short rows. The first part is the turn and wrap and then the lift and knit on the other side. I went slowly as, to me, learning anything new is kind of like learning to ride a bike. At first you find yourself concentrating on each detail but after a while, it is almost as if your brain takes over and it becomes almost automatic. I followed the video from Knitpurl.

I was feeling pretty good until my neighbor suggested I look at another video called German Short Rows. I looked it up and was delighted to find that this technique seems to gives a finer finished product. This is on German Short Row Tutorial with Mimi Kezer I will knit up each one and lets compare them. If you look at the stitches nearest the top, I hope that you can tell the difference.

While looking up this, I found a video on Japanese Short Rows which was very interesting and quite different. 

Lastly, as this scarf uses few stitches, I used double pointed needles to knit with as they are much shorter and handle more easily. The next part is to find the yarn that I will be using for this scarf and as spring is coming, I hope so I thought I would look for something spring like. I will let you know what yarn I get.

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