Springtime and Easter Knits

Easter is early this year, and after the wacky winter we have had, I’m ready to start thinking about spring already!

Last year, I made some cute things for Easter baskets: some knitted chicks to hold candy, some pom-pom bunnies and decorated Easter eggs with yarn from my stash, and it was all a big hit with the little kids I know. Here is the blog post from last year if you want to read more about that.

This year, I decided I wanted to make some decorations that were based on flowers. I have a number of books in my collection that have patterns for knitted flowers. One of the most interesting, and easiest to follow is Knitted Flowers (20 to Make) by Susie Johns. I like it because there are a large variety of flowers in this book, some you will expect to see, like Cherry Blossoms, Daisies and Roses. But there are also some more unusual flowers like Peace Lilies, Periwinkles and Anemones. One negative of the book, is that there are no yardage amounts given for the projects. This is a problem for someone like myself who saves tiny leftover balls of yarn (unlabeled, of course). However, I think if you are working with a ball that has more than 30 yards on it, you can make any flower in the book. obviously, if you want to make multiples, you will want a bigger ball. The book does give yarn weights but gauge is unimportant if you understand which needles to use and that thicker yarn will just result in a bigger flower, thinner yarn will result in a smaller flower, etc.

I am looking for signs of spring, so I chose to make a Daffodil and Cherry Blossom, but also chose the Chrysanthemum because it looked like so much fun! I went to my stash, and found a pack of unopened Lion Brand bon-bons (this is their version of the mini-skein trend). I decided I could use this for the daffodil and the cherry blossoms, but for the chrysanthemum, I wanted a variegated yarn. Stash to the rescue again! I found a (partial) mini-skein of hand-painted merino wool that would work perfectly.

First, I made the chrysanthemum, it was lots of fun, used about 40 yards of yarn, and took a little longer than I expected it to, although it turned out spectacularly, I think! Next I made the cherry blossom. I didn’t love how it looked, so I re-knitted it on a smaller needle (used US size 1.5 instead of US size 2).

Finished Chrysanthemum

Cherry Blossoms

The one on the bottom is the one I did with a smaller needle.

My last and favorite to knit was the daffodil! It was so fun to see this come together.

After all of my flowers were knitted I used them to decorate an Easter basket and a hat to wear as an Easter bonnet. This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways I can think of to decorate for springtime or Easter.

If you like these designs and would like to win a copy of Knitted Flowers, 20 to Make By Susie Johns, you are in luck! I am having a Springtime Knits contest. Simply email me photos of what you’re knitting for spring to info@janesknittingkits.com. We will post your photos to our facebook page and instagram account. Two winners will be chosen at random, and win the book! Hurry, the contest will be over the first week of April!

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