Yarn Yardage Counter

We were looking for a yardage counter for the yarn that we have that comes on cones. This lovely yarn comes from Maine and is wool and very soft and in lovely colors. Therefore, the search for a yardage counter led me to Amazon and we invested less than $30 in a counter. It arrived shortly and did not work at all. It was returned and had it replaced at no cost for the same thing. Silly me!!! The second one was the same failure as the first so I then researched better counters and across one that is produced by Schacht. I admit that it is a bit pricy but the moment you get it, you can see why. It is both quite simple and yet extremely well made and easy to use.

This led me to go onto their website and what a pleasure it was. This company, from Colorado, is in the weaving and spinning area producing looms and spinning wheels of high quality. Their blog alone was worth reading and enjoying although I am not planning to go into this new area of yarn production and use. I have met a wonderful woman who is a friend of my stepdaughter and who lives in Pittsburgh in a large house and every room is devoted to spinning or weaving. One of the bedrooms has a large loom and wherever you look you see fiber ready to dye or to spin.

As you can see below, you simply attaché it to a counter top and then feed the yarn through the eye, run it around the circle and out the other eye and as you pull it, it measures the yards on the gauge in the middle. I tried it out and I am very happy with the results. It is very well made and yet simple and I am certain that it will work well for many years. It is always pleasure to find well-made tools. As you can see below, it is made of solid wood and is heavy and quite nice to look at. Their other products have the same quality look and I am committed to not going into these areas as I live in an apartment and have no more room for such things.

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