Easter Knitting: Bunnies, Table Linens, and Sunday Best

I am of the mind that there is no season, holiday, or occasion that doesn’t call for some hand-knitted goodness. Easter is no different, presenting numerous opportunities to bust out the needles and some pastel-colored yarn. Quick projects are nice because they can be whipped up as last-minute additions to the Easter table-scape or filler for the plastic eggs for your hunt.

So, what exactly do I recommend knitting for Easter? Essentially, I see three major categories of Easter projects: basket/egg filler, table linens, and clothing.

Photo credit: Sarah Elizabeth Kellner

Easter Basket/Egg Filler

I like to give my kids a small knitted stuffed animal in their Easter baskets or as filler for large plastic eggs. There are some really adorable free patterns available on Ravelry, such as Henry’s Bunny by Sarah Elizabeth Kellner. Similarly-teeny-tiny little chicks or sheep are also good options.

Another good option for Easter egg fillers is hand-knit headbands, bows, or wrap bracelets for girls. I like the idea of making small bows, which can be glued to pins or barrettes, or stretchy headbands or wrap-style bracelets, like this little knitted bow from Maggie Molloy.

If your kids are expecting baskets from the Easter Bunny (not you), you can save these little gifts for a hunt with jumbo-sized plastic eggs.

Table Linens

I guess “linens” might be too lofty a word here, but I do like to make knitted napkin rings to match just about any occasion, and Easter offers a lot of good inspiration. Basic knit napkin rings in pastel colors are classic and cute. For a bit more whimsy, add a bunny or chick-shaped button to each napkin ring. There are lots of adorable ways to customize these, and they work up so quickly.

A simple napkin ring can be knit by creating a small rectangle in the length that just wraps around a rolled napkin. Then, sew up the seam. To get fancier, consider adding cables or some lace to the stitch pattern.

For the more ambitious, knit placemats or table-runners dress up any table, making a festive accent to Easter festivities. There are several free patterns of these on the web, including some for placemat/napkin ring combos, like this one from Woman’s Day. Of course, because placemats and table runners are basically rectangles of your desired size, you can customize them however you like, based on your preferences.


Many like to dress their best on Easter. Little girls wear floral dresses and boys wear their shiny shoes. One thing about Easter for many of us, though, is that the weather is unpredictable, if not downright chilly. So, knit cardigans are a wonderful Easter knitting project. I love cardigans. I love to wear them, and I love to knit them.

Depending on your planning skills, you may have time to knit an adult cardigan to compliment your own Easter ensemble. Or, if you are like me, you’d like a quicker knit that will work for your kids. Make it easier on yourself by knitting a cardigan from a kit, such as our Baby Eyelet Sweater kit (pictured above) or the Baby Raglan Sweater Hand-Knitting Kit.

Another option that is great for this time of year is a shawl or wrap, which can be so fun to knit. Customize your favorite shawl pattern to match your Easter outfit or experiment with a new pattern. The function of a cardigan or a shawl is certainly there for Easter, and they are just fun to make!

Happy (Easter) knitting!

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