Hand Cream for Knitters

Hand creams can be found everywhere and, I am often at knitter’s events, I am frequently exposed to hand creams that are being marketed to knitters. I personally have been seeking such a product as I have naturally dry hands and I think that handling yarn doesn’t help. I was looking for a hand cream that was healing and was “light”. This means, to me, that it should absorb into my hands and I should not feel anything oily or thick on my hands that could ever get onto the yarn. I personally like to use some of the silk, alpaca and mohair yarns and, as you can understand, I especially would not want the cream residue to transfer onto my knitting. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I was holiday shopping at Columbus Circle last winter and there, among the booths I discovered a perfect hand cream.

It was there that I met Susan who was selling her own Avocado Lavender Salve using her own formula and, I can report to you, that this salve really impressed me. I tried it out and even bought some. This salve is absorbed quickly into the skin and the lavender not only is a light scent, but also has healing qualities. Being busy selling, I took her card and decided to meet with her to discuss our selling her salve through us to knitters.

This resulted in a wonderful meeting as her business is in Manhattan as well and our trip to meet with her was fruitful.

Therefore I am happy to announce that we will be selling this amazing hand cream through our site next month. This sells for $34 for 1.8 oz and we are offering a $2 discount to our knitters.

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