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Hello from Spain! Wherever I go I am always looking for knitting shops and yarn and as we were invited to go to Spain for a trip, along with the tapis and the wonderful sights, Granada has an entire section in the older part of town in which there are narrow streets and many stores. I couldn’t help but notice a super abundance of shoe shops as well as the rightfully famous La Almambra.

It seemed as if every third store carried shoes and we saw some really beautiful children’s clothing there. In addition, we saw a pet shop with cute dog carriers. I kept my eyes out for a knitting shop and, in Granada, I found one It was a small store with a very limited selection of yarn and the knitting needles were hidden away in the drawer. They carried thread as well and a few very cute kits as you can see.

It was unlike our own shops as there were not places to gather with other knitters or to receive help.

We did meet a few people who knitted but it does not seem that this is as popular as in the USA. The weather was quite hot and I myself had no desire to take out my yarn during the trip. Then we passed a statue that looked familiar. This was Columbus Square and, as it happens, we live near Columbus Circle.

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  • HElen kOllar

    I too visited Spain last spring. Weather was beautiful find a knitting store in Granada and wound up buying a small project to stay awake in the car between Granada and madrid

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