Lincoln Center Crafts Fair

A few times each year there is a crafts fair at Lincoln Center and this past weekend, October 1st was the fall fair. It was really quite a bit smaller that in past years taking up only the part of the venter where the theatre is placed and the lovely sculpture and water reflecting pool. I have been visiting this event for quite a few years and can tell you that it has undergone quite a change from high end jewelry to fabric and clothing items. These items are beautiful and original and it is a pleasure to walk around and seeing what different artistic people have created. So walk with me and lets take a look. This “rose” coat and hat were stunning and along with the other items were all felted.

Along with that there was some woven clothing with intricate patterns that caught my eye.

I have to say that the fabric was both beautiful and felt wonderful. It is one of the pleasures of going to these fairs that you can see things that are not in the stores and many are “one of a kind”. In addition, I really like supporting artists, if I can. There were a number of designers tht I have seen at Lincoln Centr at most of the fiaars and it is almost like seeeing old frineds as I have bought things from them in the past.

My husband came with me as did our dog Sasha for a walk and he spoted a jacket that he insisted on buying for me and I really love it.

The other thing that I accomplished was to be able to find holiday gifts for mey three employees. Perhaps you think it is a bit early but I am happy that this chore is done. I hate having to shop the last minute. Thet is one of the reasons that I love Thanksgiving. Every year I have the family for this holidy and reallly like that there is no gift giving and we can all enjoy getting together for a feast and enjoying each other’s company.

But, that reminds me that it is time to get ready for the holidays and a hand knitted item is a special way to lewt people know you care. I especially love the fact that the person is using that gift and may think you when they use it. This year my wonderful designer Carolynne has come up with some new and beautiful designs that would make perfect gifts, especially her unique animal scarves for kids. What kid wouldn’t like to wear an original animal around their neck as it gets colder.

And, I am happy to say that these designs are not difficult or too time consuming.

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