My Grab and Go Kit

Much as I really like to knit in my comfortable chair in front of the TV where I have my knitting bag and my folding knitting bag in which I keep my supplies, I find that I am often heading away and I suddenly pick up my closest project to take with me to do in the car, on the train, at a friend’s house or at my knitting group. The next thing is, when I am out, that I am searching for a measuring tape, scissors or needle or asking if someone has one readily accessible and so I finally put together a small zippered bag with my basic necessary kitting accessories that I call my Grab and Go Bag. I just pick this up and dump it into my knitting bag and I know that I have my most necessary things and neither have to search for them or lose then when I travel. So what is in it? Well it includes as I mentioned, a tape measure,

needle gauge,

crochet hook,

extra stitch markers,

I am always losing them, and stitch markers are like small safety pins,

a row counter,

a stitch holder,

a scissors,

needle toppers, a cable needles

and yarn needles.

Now, you could say that I am duplicating what I already have at home but … having this kit available to go wherever I go is a great convenience.

I am ready for anything and, as you can see, I have put some of them in separate small bags to keep the smaller items from getting lost or mixing up. Now I am ready to go and I do not have to either collect these items or worry about forgetting them somewhere of losing some of them.

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