Preparing for Fall

Here in New York it was like summer up until yesterday. People were walking around in their summer outfits and shorts and, I particularly love it. I especially love going out without having to bundle up. Just a light sweater in the evening, no gloves, scarves or hats. But, suddenly, it became chilly and then cold, especially in the mornings. I wouldn’t even care but we have a dog and we have to walk her in the morning and evening so I have become extra aware of both the temperature and the darkness.

In the morning and evening it is much darker and I am reminded of the poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. It comes from The Child’s Garden of Verses. I wonder if anyone reads that anymore. It begins “In winter I get up at night and dress by yellow candle light, in summer quite the other way, I have to go to bed by day.” Believe it or not, I still have my childhood copy of this book. Before I got into this business and blog, long before, I taught elementary school and worked with young children and it was my pleasure to read books to my students every day. It was, in fact my favorite part of the day and I still miss it. Just as it is a pleasure to knit things for my friends etc., and it has been fun to teach others to knit, has something to do with sharing what you love with others.

A few years ago I committed myself to making one thing for each of my good friends and it so happens that one of them came by on Sunday wearing a sweater that I had made for her and had already forgotten it. I honestly got pleasure from seeing it on her.

Well the good news, I think, is that now with the longer nights and colder days coming, I am more in the mood for knitting. I found some lovely yarn in my stash and decided to make myself a scarf to keep my head and face warm. It is a simple pattern I made up but has the virtue of allowing me to not have to concentrate on it and uses up two hanks of this beautiful yarn.

I am trying to finish up some of my projects before getting any more yarn but this may be hopeless.

Jane’s Knitting Kits will be at Vogue Knitting Expo in Manhattan in January and it seems unlikely that I will not buy some things there along with selling too. Right now we are n the planning stages of what to bring. I am sure that the animal scarves will come, as they were a big hit at the Kings County Fiber Festival in October.

They now have matching doll scarves whose patterns are available for free and these patterns are available on Ravelry.


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