Where to Find Inspiration

As a truly consummate knitter, I rarely have trouble deciding on the next project. The problem is that life is too short; I could never knit everything I intended to, or for everyone that has asked me over the years.

Knitter’s block can happen to anyone though, and it can be hard to resurrect your mojo when this happens. So what to do?

Start by visiting a local shop. Sometimes touching something, seeing it live can re-inspire you. If that doesn’t help, try going to a museum. Try impressionism or world art exhibit – forget the picture and look at the colors. Still feeling stymied? Find a place with good people watching, and do just that. Nothing is more inspiring than our fellow humans, except maybe nature herself, so if you don’t like people, try the great outdoors.

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  • Jeris

    These are some great suggestions! I like to get inspiration from books, movies, and TV that I love, as well.

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