Book Review

Summer is finally here and, as a lover of warm weather, I look forward going outside and not having to “bundle up”. On the other hand, it isn’t exactly “knitting “ weather. But, perhaps this is the perfect time for one of those small cotton projects.

I couldn’t help but notice that knitting washcloths and dishcloths have become popular now and in looking around in books, on yarn websites and in shops and I can understand why. They are knitted out of cotton and can be finished in a short period of time. They also allow you to try out new skills and make nice gifts.


One can put them together a to make an afghan or a baby blanket as well and Cascade Yarns had a Knit Along this spring and summer in which they had 30 designers design 30 squares using their yarn. Because the squares are small, this makes the perfect take along to the beach or for a long car ride. 

This type of project allows for much creativity and delving into pattern books for fun and trying out new patterns that you might use on other projects.


Another part of this that looks like fun is finding various colors that you might not usually use together and broadening your color pallet. Looking at the flowers can stimulate being adventurous in this regard.