Book Reviews

Sock Yarn Studio by Carol J. Sulcoski

For anyone who still thinks that “Sock yarn” is just for socks, this book will open your eyes and have you getting out your needles. This, excellent book, begins by going over the many kinds of sock yarns and explains the different features of each. It delves into the differences between the solids, the self-patterning and multicolored sock yarns as well. It incorporates an important section on the “repeats” and how they influence how the finished product looks and such problems as “pooling”. She also includes a section on yarn substitution and weights. I am very impressed with her presentations on these subjects as she manages to write in such a way as to make the subjects clear, concise and quite interesting. 

This book has three sections of patterns organized by one skein, two skein and three skein projects. These projects are both attractive and varied from scarves, hats and cowls to a lovely caplet. These patterns inspired me to get started with several fall knitting projects. I highly recommend this book, especially for the intermediate knitter.


Knitting Simple Jackets – 25 beautiful Designs by Marilyn Saitz Cohen

For those of you who are beginner knitters and only wish to or can just knit and purl, this is the book for you. With only these simple stitches, you can, using this book, knit yourself or others some very attractive jackets and coats. In addition, with some swatching and measuring you could use this book to enhance these simple patterns with cables or other motifs and make a more elaborate product using these simple pattern instructions. This could then be used to go to the next step in your knitting. All of the patterns are brief and include diagrams and measurements of the pieces to be made and are very clearly written with good pictures. I especially like the cashmere and silk coat with the pockets. None of the coats have buttons and therefore button holes to deal with making them the simplest possible.


Splendid apparel – A handbook of EMBROIDED knits. Anna Zilboorg

 For those of you who are familiar with this author, you already know the exceptionally beautiful and elaborate designs of this wonderful and creative knit designer. This, her latest book, takes designs and then enhances them by adding embroidery to them rendering the finished product truly a thing of beauty. And even if you do not use these patterns, you can take from this book inspiration on a simpler level and add embroidery to you own knitted piece and so to add to its beauty and originality. The book shows many patterns and then demonstrates how to make them so much lovelier by adding embroidery to them and it even has a section on the stitches needed to embroider.

This excellent book has a number of complete patterns in to allow you to use these ideas if you wish. It demonstrates well how using even a little embroidery really shows off the entire design elements so stunningly. Clearly this is for the experienced knitter but can be enjoyed and used for inspiration by many knitters who want to do something special.