Designer FAQs

Who is Jane?

I am an avid knitter who enjoys sharing the knowledge and experience I have gathered over 50 years of knitting. I am passionate about sharing useful tips that will enrich your knitting projects by sharing my views on knitting books, designers, shops and expos on my blog. I encourage you to check out my entries and share your knitting experiences, projects and interests. As a result of the great engagement I have received on my blog and ongoing dialogue with fellow knitters on Facebook and Pinterest, I have created this specially curated site which features knit kits personally selected by me. It’s been great to work with a range of established and new designers, as well as yarn producers and manufacturers to develop my own brand of knit kits. As always, let me know what you think and get in touch with your ideas and designs.

 Why Sell through Jane's Knitting Kits?

  • Unlike other pattern websites, Jane personally curates the patterns presented on the site.
  • As a designer, your pattern is not competing with free patterns, or with thousands of patterns in the same category.
  • In addition, we work hard to promote your design through a variety of social media and our website. What does this mean? Your design will be featured on our Pinterest page, and through Facebook posts as well as our popular blog.
  • If your designs are very popular with our clients, we may even feature you in a spotlight interview on our blog, where we are in touch with thousands of knitters every day.
How does Jane’s Knitting Kits work?

We feature a specially curated on-line collection of fashionable knitting patterns and kits by independent designers for sale online directly to knitters.

Designers submit patterns to be considered for inclusion on the site. All patterns are reviewed and rated based upon originality, interest and aesthetic appeal. Once a pattern is selected to be a part of our seasonal collection, it is made available for purchase and download. The designer is paid each time the pattern is downloaded.

How are designers paid for their work?

For each pattern we purchase from designers, we pay:

 $3.00 each and every time the Work is purchased from a consumer directly from the Company’s website less any returns.

If the pattern is going to be used in a kit, consisting of a pattern and the yarn selected by us to knit the pattern, we will pay an upfront fee of $100 that will cover the first 20 kits sold. For each Kit sold after 20, we will pay the designer an additional $3.00 each time the Kit is purchased from a consumer directly from our website less any returns.

We provide designers with a statement of account and compensate them quarterly for their designs less any returns sold during the period.

Will I be asked to sign a contract?

Yes. Although we do not demand exclusive selling rights to your patterns, we do outline the business relationship both parties are expected to follow. For information and to see our contract send an email to

How do I get started selling my designs?

Your first step is to click on this form and submit your designs to Jane for review. She will notify you quickly if your design is being considered for inclusion to the site. Since you are still free to sell your patterns elsewhere, you have nothing to lose by submitting your designs.

We feel you will find that the care and attention we give every designer, either emerging or established, will position designers to sell more patterns than ever!