Free Pattern: Textured Reversible Pattern

Free textured and reversible pattern. Janes Knitting kits.


This pattern uses DK weight yarn and size 7 needles but can easily be adjusted according to the yarn weight and whatever size you want. It uses just the knit and purl stitch but requires following a graph or keeping careful track of which row you are on. If using a variegated yarn, it is more difficult to be able to “see” where you are.

Materials needed:

Approximately 400 yards of super wash wool. Size 7 straight needles for the scarf .


Scarf: Cast on 61 stitches and knit the first 4 rows then begin the 10 row pattern repeats Stitch repeats are between the **

Row 1: P1, K11,*P1,K11*, P1

Row 2: K2,P9,*K3,P9,*K2

Row 3; P3, K7,*P5,K7*, P3

Row 4. K4, P5, *K7, P5 *, K4

Row 5: P5, K3, *P9, K3 *, P5

Row 6: K6, P1, *K11, P1 *, K6

Row 7: P5, K3, *P9, K3 *, P5

Row 8: K4, P5, *K7, P5 *, K4

Row 9: P3, K7, *P5, K7 *, P3

Row 10: K2, P9, *K3, P9 *, K2

When you have made the scarf as long as you want, knit 4 rows to match the beginning and bind off. This stitch pattern can be used and adapted for such objects as a baby blanket, One advantage is that it is completely reversible and has no “wrong” side.

Click here to download chart for this pattern.