Product Review

Initially, I thought I've seen it all when it comes to knitting needles, as I already have so many knitting needles. What could possibly be new? But, sure enough, I was looking through a knitting magazine and saw an ad for a new needle that I had never seen before. It comes from a well known needle company, Knitter’s Pride, that already makes many kinds of needles. I was intrigued, and so, I wanted to find out if they are any better then the ones I already have, rather than just new, I ordered one set. 


They arrived and I got out some stash yarn and tried them out. As a result, today I will review a new needle from Knitter’s Pride. It is their Royale Fixed Circular needle.


By fixed they mean that the tips are permanently attached to the cord attached, which is not unusual, but in this case, the cord moves freely around so that it does not need to be untwisted and holds the yarn is a relaxed manner.


This difference actually makes for more comfortable and easier knitting. The needle part of the set is a very smooth birch wood and the color of the wood designates the size of the needle. In addition, the size is printed on both the needle and the metal that attaches to the cord. The cords come in five lengths and there are 8 sizes of the 16 inch cords, 12 sizes for the 24 inch cords and 15 sizes for the 32, 40 and 47 inch cords. That comes out to about 72 separate needles. So, one shouldn’t have any trouble finding exactly the needle you want. I personally like wooden needles and I am quite taken with this product. I can report that it is a real pleasure to knit using the Knitter’s Pride Royale Fixed circular needles.