Grab & Go Tool Kit For Knitters

Grab & Go Tool Kit For Knitters

$ 29.95

Product Name: Grab & Go Tool Kit For Knitters

Quick Overview

Ever been about to run out of the house with your knitting?

It takes time and effort to assemble the accessories you might need and there is always that chance that you will leave one of them at the other location. Here is the perfect solution, our Grab & Go Kit for knitters.

This compact zipped case has in it just what you might need to have with you wherever you go to allow you to work on your knitting wherever you are and makes the perfect gift for the beginning knitter as well.

Product Description:

  • One retractable tape measure
  • One needle gauge
  • Two crochet hooks
  • One row counter
  • One stitch holder
  • One scissors
  • Safety pin style stitch markers
  • Round stitch markers in three sizes
  • Two sets of needle toppers
  • Two types of cable needles
  • Both steel and plastic yarn needles

All of the small items are in individual organza bags to make finding them easy and organized.

Have we forgotten anything? I don’t think so.

Weight: 1 lb.

Size: 5" x 7"